Confronting If

If . . . How can a 2-letter word rob us of what God wants to give us? How do ifs stake a claim bigger than God’s claim on us? How do we allow this no-action preposition to wreak havoc on our faith? If becomes a giant word when something goes terribly wrong in our world or lives. If God is loving . . . If God can heal . . . If I were stronger . . . If I had more faith . . . If! One little word with the power to question the character of God and His ability to be Lord in eternally productive ways. Jesus faced if’s in a wilderness where he had to choose which voice he would hear: the Tempter’s or His Father’s. We, also, have to confront our if’s. We have to allow God to take us to a wil

Daniel's Prayer

Daniel was the kind of prayer partner everyone needs. He prayed fervently, openly, daily, and specifically. He didn’t pray in protest or for show. When he prayed, the heavens opened and God came close. However, not everything that occurred during these prayer times left Daniel feeling hopeful because God revealed to Daniel what His judgment would look like. After one vision, Daniel “lay ill for several days” the vision was so troubling. However, it just sent Daniel to his knees again, this time for confession. Daniel became a true representative for his wayward people and confessed their sin as his sin. This is intercessory prayer at its deepest level. We need to learn this lesson fro

Spring for the Soul

While winter clutches us without letting go, spring is a distant hope. We know it will come but evidences of it hides. Still, we prepare for it. We think about planting. We protect tender plants from cold. Even stores begin to show clothes with spring colors and lighter fabric. We get ready for spring. What about the spring that needs to come to our hearts? What will turn our weedy, untended hearts into a garden? What will make us believe in new beginnings and resurrections? For me it is Lent, a forty day devotional journey to prepare me to live the truth of the empty tomb. The word Lent actually comes from a word that means spring. The timing of forty days replicates Jesus' forty

He Laid His Hand On Me

What does it mean if God lays His hand on hand on you? It's in verse 5 of Psalm 139. I've read this passage many times but I can't remember seeing this before. What does it mean if someone you know touches your shoulder or places a hand on top of yours? It’s as if words won’t communicate what the person wants you to know. It extends empathy, unity, encouragement. It shares a connection and presence. Sometimes it can even share a warning to change your direction or protect you from danger. I understand that in Psalm 139, this action comes after a listing of what God knows about me. He proves He isn’t just a know-it-all God arrogantly pushing His knowledge in my face to intimidate me. With