Seeds of Betrayal

Betrayal is a subtle visitor . . . until it isn’t. On the night that Jesus was betrayed, only Jesus saw the darkness lurking. He had gathered with his disciples to eat Passover. Jesus, always the one to use every moment to open hearts to truth, took the towel and basin and washed his disciples’ feet. Peter, outspoken as always, protested the inappropriateness of his Master turned servant. Jesus looked into Peter’s eyes and helped Peter realize this washing was not just about dirty feet. It was an invitation to surrender more of Peter’s raw and misguided enthusiasm. Judas was there with dirty feet and misguided assumptions. Jesus gave Judas the same opportunity for surrender that he gave

I Want to See

When our daughter began to lose sight, her world changed. Though she perceived light, the light itself blinded her because of the compromised condition of her eyes. Shapes lost distinct edges and faces ran together. Words drowned on pages without hope of rescue. But what she couldn’t see with her eyes, she began to “see” with her ears and her heart. She learned that sight is a whole-body experience. Jesus spoke against the unnecessary blindness that had disabled his church family, the Jews. He quoted Isaiah’s charge that they had been blinded so completely it affected their hearts. They couldn’t see because they wouldn’t see. I fear there is a blinding today that makes us undersee what

Soul Rest

What was it that Jesus saw when he invited the masses to follow him and find rest? Was it their desperate faces? Empty stares? Did he sense tension? Failure? Did he feel their need for contentment they couldn’t find? Jesus didn’t give them permission to call in sick and disconnect from their responsibilities. He offered them rest for their souls. If God Rested . . . When God created the world, he stopped working, tweaking, improving, re-doing and rested. I don’t know what it looks like when God rests. Maybe that’s why we have trouble following His example. I know He is not a do-nothing God. Whatever rest means for God it is not a lounging, lazy, irresponsible disengagement from e

When Jesus Turned Tables

What was it that Jesus saw when he walked into the Temple and turned over the tables of business? Did he see entrepreneurs trying to capitalize on religious need? Did he see selfish greed masked as ministry? This was the outer court where Gentiles and Jews could intermingle. This is where people from all religious or non-religious backgrounds captured their image of the dedicated purpose for this landmark structure. Think farmer’s market not ministry fair. Hear the cacophony of vendors hawking their merchandise or “cheap” money exchanges. See their wily smiles pasted on dishonest faces. Something was wrong, very wrong and Jesus would have nothing of it. Jesus called for his place of w