Two Years Later . . .

It’s been two years since Lisa left her broken body to make her journey home. Not a day goes by that I don’t wish for one more hug, one more giggle, one more “Oh, Mom!” But I know I would never be satisfied with just one more. Grief still follows me, but it does not fill me. I join countless others caught unprepared for this journey. Acceptance is not as word I use. Perhaps adapting tinged with bursts of discovery is a better fit. I have learned that motherhood was more a part of my identity than I thought. I have lost more than Lisa. I have lost that persevering purpose that drives you through the days when energy and motivation takes a vacation and you can’t call in sick. I have lost

What I Don't Believe about Prayer

I’ve told you what I believe about prayer; now let’s look at the flip side. Here are four things I don’t believe prayer is. 1. I don’t believe prayer is about the right words. You’ve heard people pray who use words with eloquence and forcefulness in ways that draw more attention to themselves than God. Sometimes they make you feel that your simple prayers aren’t good enough. They especially make you feel insecure to pray aloud. But prayer is NOT about the words. It’s about the heart. On the other hand, all I can use to communicate what is in my heart is my words. When I am using the best words I know to use to say what is on my heart, I have God’s ear. It doesn’t matter if no one e

What I Believe about Prayer

If prayer is only ritual or recitation, my best ideas rolled into a request, or depends on the right words to get the right result; I am doomed before a single word makes it to my mouth. When prayer is my lifeline to God’s heart and oxygen for my soul; I can’t live without it. I don’t know everything about prayer, but what I know has changed how I view prayer. Here are four lessons that come from bedrock. You can pray without them, but praying with them enhances how you expect to hear from God and protects you from self-centered prayers to seek your will to be done, instead of God’s. 1. Prayer is God's invitation to me before it is my invitation to God. Contrary to what most think, prayer

Living Free

As we celebrate the freedoms our country has provided, we also live in the tension of what sometimes feels more like chaos than freedom. It is good to remember that before there was a 1776, or a Declaration of Independence, a Canada Day, or any other country’s patriotic celebration; God won for us a freedom that is more inalienable than any rights from any Constitution. Perhaps we should remember on this day what true freedom looks like and where it came from. Perhaps we should review our freedoms in Christ and make sure we are living as free as God intended.