Dessert not Vegetables!

Have you ever struggled to accept God’s will? Have you ever treated it as something imposed upon you that you knew you should want, but didn’t? It’s one of the big reasons why people don’t ask to know God’s will. They’re afraid they won’t like it. It might sound like backtracking, but it’s difficult to want God’s will if you haven’t asked His kingdom to come into your life. Jesus knew that order mattered. If his disciples lived and breathed God’s kingdom, God’s will was dessert, not vegetables. Wanting God’s will is the first step in knowing what His will is. Some get that order backwards. They ask for God’s will for review. Then, if it fits with their plans, they’ll accept it. If no

No Line-drawing Allowed!

We are territorial people. We don’t like it when someone throws trash into our yard, parks where our car belongs, sits at our desk, or fills our space without an invitation My sister and I shared a room growing up. You can’t imagine how many imaginary lines we drew to separate our space. And pity the sister who crossed the boundary. There was my drawer and hers, my bookshelf and hers. It was a formula for separation, not unity. When we pray your kingdom come, do we really mean it? Or do we want to tell God where we draw the line? The kingdom of God isn’t a place where we can draw such lines. It is an all or nothing invitation. We can’t reserve space for our preferences. You either hear

Handling God's Name

I keep my mother’s china in a special place away from my everyday dishes. When I want to use it, I carefully remove one or two pieces at a time. I am deliberate and cautious as I use it because it brings back a little bit of my mother. I set my table with memory and savor her unseen presence. Should we do any less when we handle God’s name? The second phrase of the Lord's prayer instructs us to hallow His name. To hallow something is to set it aside to for special use. Although hallow isn’t a word we use a lot today, we understand what it means to treat something or someone with respect and honor. You will not abuse what has worth to you. It is true that we cannot add anything to God’s

Praying the Lord's Prayer

I can’t remember when I memorized the Lord’s Prayer or how it came about. The words roll out of my mouth without even thinking about them. That’s the problem. We know it so well, we don’t know it all. Repetition can anchor but it can also dilute. That’s why I want to take a slow, thoughtful, heart-soaking look at this prayer Jesus used to teach us how to prayer. I believe that when Jesus used this prayer with his disciples, he prayed it; he didn’t recite it. He filled each word with meaning and connection so tangible you could sense the Unseen Ever-present Eternal One hovering close. Isn’t that what we all long for when we pray? An answering God who shows up? We begin where Jesus began