What God Creates

Who doesn’t like a new beginning? Except when they’re hard! I don’t even remember what new beginning challenged me so much that I knew I needed help. I just remember the serendipity of finding the perfect verse for my beginning: In the beginning, God created. Genesis 1:1 Yes! My heart responded. That’s what I want in my beginning . . . what God creates. I realized that if I let God order the details of my beginning, set my course, use my obedience; something would happen that I could not have orchestrated on my own. I also realized that this wouldn’t be an automatic gift. I needed to ask God to be my Guide, my Map, and my Compass to help me find my way in something new and overwhelming.

Truth's Best Gift

Why is the truth so important? Why can’t I just use what I think is best and run with it? Because untruths trap. Lies destroy. What you don’t know that you could know can hurt you. This truth was never more front and center in my life than the day Mark and I sat in a room with Lisa’s entire medical support team to deal with vocabulary and processes that that I didn’t want to hear. We talked about medical directive, end of life, hospice. We had a choice to make. We could run away from the truth. We could pretend that a reality did not exist, postpone difficult decisions, and try to make this all go away. But then we would live more scared that our tenuous hold on what we wanted wouldn

A Guide to Truth

How can I know the Truth? That is no small question. Often, we treat the Truth as if it is some slippery fish that will wiggle out of our hands, or worse. We act as if it is based on some hard-to-understand algorithm that we will never understand. But Truth, the All Truth of God, is always reachable, always present. But we must develop a hunger for it, a sensitivity to it, and a willingness to be shaped by it. What is that process? Again, God’s Word was my spotlight to show me the most important way to find Truth. It is simple, but not easy. When Jesus was preparing his followers for life without his flesh and blood presence, He told them that His Spirit would be with them. This was more

Nothing But the Truth!

What is the truth? Reality or perception? Even when we say we want the truth, we usually don’t. We want truth to slant our way, so we stretch it, hide it, and misrepresent it, and re-shape it to fit our desires and logic. But truth is either your friend or enemy. She doesn't play neutral. A verse in Psalms offered me one of those cataclysmic dividing lines where I must choose which side of Truth I intended to live on. Surely you desire truth in the inner parts. Psalm 51:6 Or as The Living Bible says it: You deserve honesty from the heart. I knew this line came from David’s confession about the devious way he treated the truth. I wanted to believe that I would never have done what he did.