When Mercy Cries

Come with me to the edge of Jericho where Jesus had attracted a large crowd again. Most don’t see the furrowed brows of Jesus. He is just a few days away from Jerusalem and the week that will change history forever. Two blind men are sitting beside the road, their open hands hoping someone will put a coin in them. Their lives depend on begging. They have no other way to sustain themselves. They hear crowd noise and turn a hopeful ear toward the group. This will be a good day for begging, they think. Then, someone says, “Jesus,” and their hearts skip a beat. The Healer. Here? They shout a unison cry that comes from a deep place of unmet need. Lord, Son of David, have mercy on us! It is a

When Doubts Swarm

Doubt can swarm like bees who have been disturbed. Doubt can tie us up in ways that make it difficult to move forward. Doubt unsettles. Where does doubt take you by the throat and strangle you? What can you do with it? Let me take you to another boat and storm story. (Matthew 14:22-31) This time Jesus isn’t in the boat. He stayed back for time to pray on the mountain. But he was watching. Recognizing that his disciples were going to need some help when a vicious storm rolled in, he goes out to meet them. He skipped taking a boat and just walked the distance on the water. The disciples thought they were seeing a ghost. I’m with them there. A robed silhouette, fuzzy figure in the stor

When Jesus Asks Questions

Jesus asked questions. He asked them of his listeners, his debaters, his disciples. They weren’t detours or delay tactics. They were issue oriented. They went to the core of some misunderstanding or need. They gave an opportunity to take a new step of growth and belief. Sometimes we look at Jesus’ answers and forget to study his questions. For the next few weeks, I want to examine some of those questions. The first one is a question that continues to haunt me from a storm story in Luke 8:22-25. Jesus had finished telling some of his stories. When it was time to leave the crowds, he instructed the disciples to go with him to the other side of the Sea of Galilee. They got in a boat and s

Are You Listening?

Do you remember why we looked at key verses through Philippians? This was an exercise to take one to two verses that we could “listen” to for a week. I wanted you to see what happens when we consciously listening. If you did that for yourself, whatever I added was extra. I want to destroy the idea that listening to God takes more time than we have to give. It takes focus, yes. It takes a mindset. However, It is not always about carving out a bunch of time. When my husband and I take a long trip, we don’t fill every moment with conversation. We don’t make a big deal about trying to listen to the other unless there are unsettled issues we must deal with. Sometimes we simply sit in sile