Four Prayers that Bring Change

Transformation is a change so deep and formative that what it brings is literally all new. New is God’s best work. He uses His unlimited resources and all knowledge to produce an outcome or share a perspective that is so different from what we thought, we call it new. When I talk about the kind of prayer that accomplishes this, I use this definition: Transformational prayer opens a connection with God so that He can inform me about what I think, want, need or plan to do. Here are four prayers that bring this transformation. They are not formulas for quick answers. They are the raw material I give God so that He can do His new in me, no matter what I’m praying about. 1. Pray with submissi

What's Missing?

How long can you go without speaking to someone you live with or someone you care about? Probably not very long. We find ways to talk with those we love and want to hear from. So why do we shove talking with with God into a corner or put it in a closet to take out when we’re supposed to or when we get desperate? Prayer is not a quick fix, a miracle cure, or a short-cut to spirituality. Prayer is the communication between best friends. It is the house with an unlocked door. It is the green pastures and still waters that the Psalmist invites us to experience. It is a walk in a garden without leaving home. What makes us stumble with prayer? What makes us try to manipulate what we want fro

How do I Grow Like Jesus?

And Jesus increased in wisdom, stature, and in favor with God and man. Luke 2:52 How do you grow wisdom or stature? How do you grow in favor with God and man? I can't just put up a growth marker inside my closet and take monthly measurements to show increase in wisdom, influence. Inches won't mark the progress I make in deepening my relationship with God or man. How do I know it's happening? Jesus didn’t grow in these ways because of his number on the Enneagram Personality Test or any other measuring standard. Each part of this simple summary identifies how Jesus processed the world he had been thrust into, how he responded to the same components of life we face: unpredictability, dem

Growing Like Jesus

I stood in the group of fourth to sixth graders, awkward in my pre-adolescence. It was Wednesday night and I was a part of an organized scout-type, faith-based children’s program at my church. We learned Bible verses, life skills, and participated in community and church projects. We started every Wednesday night by repeating our key verse: And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and man. Luke 2:52 The emphasis was growing like Jesus. We could learn new things and gather new information; but to grow as Jesus grew, we had to turn it into wisdom. I’m not sure I really understood that. I just liked the activities and the friendships. Today, I’ve returned to this ve