How Much Faith Is Enough?

They were blind. Dark is all they saw. However, there was nothing wrong with their hearing. They knew that Jesus, the Healer, was near. So they shouted their cry for mercy. I have shared my journey about learning the value of praying for mercy. I have found that a cry for mercy is more important than a cry for God to do a certain thing. Too many times our specific requests come out more like commands. A cry for mercy allows God to shape His answer to our greatest need. In the end, that’s what I want. However, when I am so focused on what I think will answer my cry, I become demanding. That’s why I am learning to pray a cry for mercy before I pray for any specific answer. The more de

When Something Becomes an Idol

We shun the practice of bowing before sculptured idols and leaving some payment or tribute. We know there is no heartbeat in a statue, no leadership in marble, no love in a stiff, unmoving form. We like to skip what Jeremiah says: They followed worthless idols and became worthless themselves. Jeremiah 2:5 We don't believe in worshiping idols. But what of the space we reserve in our hearts for what we want out of this life, what we believe we have a right to pursue? What prices in time, energy, planning, or focus are we willing to pay for such pursuits? I’ve been doing my own self-examination and found that, yes, I have carried an idol into this season of life. In the rebuilding of my lif

Holiness in Person

Our world is starving for in-person holiness. Everybody’s different truths collide. The general belief that there is no absolute truth has dangerously decomposed what God set in motion in the Garden. People pick their own fruit and don’t ask whether it is on God’s menu or not. Or they make their arguments why it has become sanctioned. God has always had one mission formula in mind to reach His world. It isn’t a protest. It doesn’t take conferences and training sessions. It takes an emptied self so that the life we surrender to God is a fresh canvas for Him to fill with Himself and His holiness. That means we love with HIS love, not our best interpretation of His love. We forgive with

God's UNfailing Love for YOU!

God is not a stranger to our mishaps in love. He sees every rejection, every betrayal, every argument, every separation. He longs for us to know something better from Him. He is the God of UN-failing love. It’s not just one of His traits; it’s the one that binds everything we know about God together. His love is deep, completing, empowering, healing and does not fail. Not ever. It’s time to stop wishing God would do this or that and let God do what He does best: love us. He wants us to let His love overwhelm us. He wants His love to protect us from any love that would hurt or betray us. He wants His love to be our standard because no other love can do all we need better than God. Wh