April 24, 2019

Why did we take this journey to the cross? 

For me it was for the honesty that the cross demands.  Have you noticed how no one lied from the cross?  Whatever was in the deepest part of their souls came out, curse or cry.

On this journey to the cross, I’ve been to th...

April 21, 2019

Each person who investigated the tomb on that Easter day found the unexpected.

Think about the soldiers who drew the short end of some lottery for all night duty.  They were guarding a tomb to keep people from getting inside.  They never expected they needed to guard th...

April 19, 2017

The two words on the outside of the roughly-made card caught my attention but the inside message made me think. 

I was going through more of the things we moved out of Lisa’s apartment after her death.  I had come to her cards.  In spite of clumsy cutting and pasting ab...

March 25, 2016


Jesus was dead.

He had no pulse

or breath.

Blood no longer coursed,

Congealing instead.

There were no brain waves or nerve action.

His face, a clay mask;

His limbs stiffening as sticks.

Death, With its utter stillness

And smell,

Closed hard like a jail door Because . . .



April 5, 2015

Norm Wright wrote this for the Easter Sunday devotional I read today in Lent for Everyone.  It is perfect commentary for this day!


"What else would you expect if, after all, the ancient dream of Israel was true?  If the God who made the world had finally acted to...

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