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The Gratitude Attitude

Gratitude begins in a heart

That understands everything in life is gift

Breath and heartbeat,

Mind and cell structure,

Gravity and weather,

Skill and passion

Family and friends,

All is gift.

To pretend ownership is the height of ungratefulness

For gratitude cannot thrive in possessiveness.

Possession can lead to over protection instead of stewardship.

Gratitude comes from a place in the heart

where life has a Creator

and it is not you.

Gratitude means you live with open hands and open heart.

This makes you ready to share as quickly as you would receive.

If you live only to receive, you become self-centered.

If you cannot share, you hoard.

The balance of both breeds a grateful heart.

Gratitude propels one into the fullness of life

where savoring is just as important as saving,

where giving becomes more fulfilling than getting.

At this Thanksgiving time

I want the attitude of gratitude to fill my heart.

So that I can live with contentment

that only comes from a grateful heart.

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