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Week 3: Looking for Joy?

It is the third week of Advent. This week the focus is Joy.

Too much of our lives are joyless.

Routines put us on auto-pilot. The mundane uncovers boredom.

It is too easy to live without expecting joy in our daily ways.

Yet, the first Christmas participants remind us that joy found them

in the middle of their mundane and routine.

Routine is not our problem; distracted living is.

We need quiet circles to protect us from the pulls and pushes of our demanding lives.

We need to ponder His work at Christmas.

This doesn’t take hours; it takes presence, yours and His.

That's why I'm hoping you will sign up on this website using any of the "Let's Connect" buttons at the bottom of the page.

In return I will send you a week of short pieces about joy.

In His Joy!


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