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Point Me

Point out anything in me that offends you. Psalm 139:24

Last week we asked God to give us His test. It is worthless unless we allow Him to share His report. While God doesn’t rate on some Heavenly curve, He will point out unchristlike attitudes, misordered priorities, anything that takes us away from how He wants to shape us.

The challenge we face is to let Him point out what troubles Him without our explanation, excuses, or rationalizations. Why give them to the One who knows everything in our minds before we say anything? When we are ready to accept what God points out as Truth, we start asking different questions. How can I move past this? What should I have done? How can I respond differently next time? God won’t use your excuses to grow you. He uses what He’s always used: confession and repentance.

Confession is not God trying to humiliate you by rubbing your nose in some misguided motive or response. Confession is simply agreeing with God that what He points out does not belong. Our response to His point reveals how much we value His evaluation. Refusal to admit wrong is self-centered because it is self-protective. What He points out isn’t up for debate; He points it out so we can’t hide it nd believe a lie. He points it out so we can grow past it.

Repentance is the next step. It is the action that puts teeth in confession. Repentance is simply turning away from whatever God pointed out. Turning away might mean learning a new way to respond. Turning away might mean getting rid of an activity or attitude that slows or sabotages your growth. The good news is that God doesn’t take a back seat to this process. He stays with us to empower us to make the right choice in order to accomplish growth.

When we pray this prayer, we must stay for God’s report. When we believe that what He points out comes from His most helpful, loving, compassionate heart, we welcome His point even when it is uncomfortable. When we determine to receive His Truth from His perspective we will grow by His Spirit and grace.

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