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Because God Knows

Have you been reading Psalm 139 1-18 as suggested last week? I have and it has washed over me with a new sense of how much God knows about me. I come to my time with God with overwhelming awe at the knowledge He already has about me and my context.

So what do you say to the God who already knows?

Sometimes nothing. His knowledge can take words right out of your mouth. Sometimes you just want to sit and listen with your heart. Listening is the humble awareness that God has something to say you need to hear.

It’s one thing to fill a devotional time with meandering musings as if you are in a one-way conversation with a counselor. Your time with God might start there but if it stays there, you’ll leave the way you started—with your own thoughts.

Instead, be reminded of the blissful truth that you are in the presence of the only life specialist in the universe who has total recall about your past, compassionate understanding for your present and joyful enthusiasm for your future. If you went through Psalm 139 slowly and let each piece of His knowledge sink in deeply, it should have brought a new confidence you can’t find anywhere else. That’s what brings you to your time with God—what you know He already knows about you, about those your love, about your attitude, about everything.

God knows. It is my best prayer, my only hope, my securing balance, my most important help. It is my confidence, my anchor, my joy. He knows everything! I am not on a coincidental journey fueled by chance. When I take time to clear my head and heart of my best thoughts about my life and sit with eager expectation before the One who loves me best, I am devoted to hear what He wants me to know.

Will a life changing message come each time? No. But an awareness of the Eden God has always wanted you to experience will. That’s what brings you back again and again. Not duty or guilt, but an irresistible hunger to be present with Him again and again. The good news is He never misses an appointment or reschedules time with you. He’s always waiting, eager to share what He knows you need to hear. Come hopeful. Come listening. Come quickly. Just come!

Quiet Circle Time

Read through Psalm 139:1-18 in one sitting. What brings you new confidence that God already knows your greatest need? Write it as an affirmation you intend to live this week. See how it changes your focus from fear to anchored faith in what God already knows. Then live the faith.

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