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Let Heaven and Nature Sing!

Heaven cries. Nature groans. Either we can’t hear it or we ignore it.

Has it always been that way?

Not from the beginning.

God created Heaven and earth. He planted it, engineered intricacy and interrelatedness, and added people to populate and protect what He created. When there is balance between God and man, earth and Heaven; there is harmony. It is the best song on earth!

However, when we are out of sync with God’s plan, when we go rogue and work for our own advancement, the push for more and more and more; the music suffers. The earth groans. People fight. There is no harmony, just noise.

Scripture is filled with references of God’s great creative work. Often scripture connects Heaven and nature as if they are a mighty chorus trying to sing us awake to understand what we’ve lost and how God wants to reinstate His harmony. This is more than trying to get people to accept one another or to protect the environment. This harmony begins with God’s acceptance of us and how we respond to Him.

This Sunday is that start of Advent: the four weeks leading to Christmas. Advent celebrates the Great Event that brought us Jesus. It was God’s plan to save us from ourselves and our bent to destruction camouflaged as self-centered innovation, secular unity, and entitlement. Jesus came in the flesh because we stopped listening to prophets. We treated signs and warnings as a mere slap on the hand. We misused resources. We killed the dream God had for this world.

Advent is a good time to listen again to the music God created from the beginning of the world. It is a good time to stir up the possibility that Heaven and nature will sing a new song that will stir our hearts to confession, repentance, and heart-new discipleship.

That’s the focus of our Advent journey this year. Today, I am releasing a four-week, daily devotional, Let Heaven and Nature Sing to help us rediscover the music God created in this world and through Jesus. If we start with decorations, we will have a holiday without a holy-day. Instead, we start in our heart. We pray for our hearts to be cleared of anything that keeps us from hearing God’s music. We pray that He will tune our hearts to sing His song, not ours.

To receive your copy of Let Heaven and Nature Sing, click the arrow in the box at the end of this paragraph to download it. Then, you can save it to you your computer and/or print a copy. If you have any problem with this process, write me and ask for a copy and I will send it directly to your email.

2021 Let Heaven and Nature Sing
Download PDF • 1.14MB

If you want to share this devotional guide with someone, and I hope you will, click below to receive an invitation you can copy and paste into an email to send to friends or family. Or send me their email and I will send them a special invitation.

2021 Advent Friend Copy
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While our hearts are still full of Thanksgiving, it is a good way welcome the season of Advent. Here is my blessing for all of us as we begin this four-week review of God’s masterplan for the world:

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