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Christian author and blogger writing to discover and  to share God's unfailing love.

November News

November surprised us.  She came hiding behind summer for some us and barged in like a polar bear for others.  

Surprise can be good.  Surprise takes the control away from us.  We learn lessons about flexibility and adaptablity.  We learn that some of the best joys are surprises that we couldn't have planned.


God loves to surprise us with His good gifts.  Thanksgiving is a good time to review them.  I started my list today.  Maybe you should start yours.  Then, when we get to Thanksgiving, our hearts will be so full they just might burst.


My newest surprise was the wonderful women of the Georgia Nazarene District Retreat where I spoke November 8-10.  What a delight!  I don't think I have ever been with women who listened more intently. 


Here are some pictures:

Out of Africa


This is my newest release.  IIt is based on interviews from Africa Nazarene University and will be used as a Nazarene Missions resource easily available in most Nazarne Churches.  

Another way to access the book is with the following links. t 

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