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Debbie Salter



Christian author and blogger writing to discover and  to share God's unfailing love.

Lent:  A Time to Prepare

I appreciate Lent as a time to slow down,  reflect, and listen. I look for ways to make time for prayer, worship, and God's Word.   What if God wanted to use these forty days before Easter to prepare you for something.  Then, maybe you would take them very seriously.

That's why I have prepared a special devotional guide for Lent called Forty Days:  A Time to Prepare.  It will lead you to let God look into your heart and remove any attitude, perspective, or addiction that will not help you live by resurrection power.

Check it out by clicking the button below. 


If you are already signed up to receive my Quiet Circle weekly blog, you already are part of my delivery circle. 


I'd love to hear about what you learn during these forty days.  Write me.  I believe we are stronger when we learn together.

Sharing the journey!



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