Speaking Topics

Helping women discover lessons that shape their spiritual lives is a priority for me.  If you have a retreat or other event coming up, consider how one of the following possibilities might meet your needs.   I'm happy to talk to you about shaping any for time or theme.  Just contact me.

Just Count the Stars:

Following Sarah to  God's Promise

Sarah's story reveals God's unfailing love in spite of her headstrong choices and self-protecting control.  A four-session retreat  includes the following:


The Princess Bride   Reclaiming our identity in Christ.

The Back-up Plan      Rejecting the need to help God out.

 A Time to See           Renewing our perspective..

 A New Name             Receiving who God knows we are.

Esther:  Shining Through the Dark

Esther's name means star. She was chosen by God to shine through a very dark time in the history of the people of God. A four-session retreat includes the following:

A Rising Star      A fun review with 2 life-changing principles.

Shining Times     Is it time to speak or keep silent, fast or feast?

Feasting with       Learn how to face your enemy without a fight.

    the Enemy

Shining Through  Commit to shine in spite of darkness.

A Heart for God



The beginning place for spiritual growth is the heart.

Sessions include:


 A Trusting Heart       How  the unfailing love of God grows trust.

A Listening Heart      How a quiet heart can listen.    

An Obedient Heart    How obedience  recognizes God's will.

A Heart for Growth   How to use the lessons for growth.       .

The Praying Parent          Praying for and with children of any age.

Transformational Prayer  Learn how to make prayer about growth.

Raising Kids to Faith        Help children make faith a life journey.

Empowering a Child         Empowering your child to become as 

    with  Special Needs         independent as is safe and reasonable



  Drama Workshops

Special Presentations

Just for the Play of It     A basic how-to with plenty of ideas.

Quick Start Drama         Use imagination and games to quick-

                                            start any drama experience.

From Page to Stage         Gather a target group of children and

                                            volunteers to rehearse a piece.       

Sara Mae's Offering    A costumed, dramatic presentation tells

                  the story of a back-hills girl who  shares her journey

                  from rebellion to God.

Stories to Warm the Heart  Seasonal and  non-seasonal stories

                  are available.  Ask for a list of titles and themes.

                  Great for teas or seasonal gatherings.