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Quilted with Love
Quilted with Love

 Quilted with Love



Quilts teach lessons about life.  This books shares some of those stories.   Imagine the celebration that accompanied The Graduation Quilt.  Share the discovery of the woman reunited with her birth mother through Pieces.  You don't have to be a quilter to learn how beauty surfaces when God puts the pieces of your life together.  With beautiful 4-color art, original poetry, and heart-focused prayer, this book make a a great gift.


This book is out of print, but available from Debbie. 


$20.00 + shipping





ANU-Front Cover web.jpg

What Begins Here Transforms the World



Africa Nazarene University is a story of transformation led by an innovative group of pioneers. I visited ANU as a curious spectator and collector of stories. What I found impressed me and convicted me.There is a story of transformation at Africa Nazarene University. It is a story that Nazarene Missions began, and many prayers and contributions make possible. You need to hear that story. That’s why I share it.

While this book is not available for purchase, you can download an audio or print version by clicking on the buttons below.

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