For the Journey

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Lessons from Jesus for Parents and Grandparents

This was a Sunday School lesson I taught for Mother's Day in one class and Father's Day in another class.   This version was for Father's Day.  If you have any influence in a child's life, no matter the age, I think you'll find some lessons you can apply immediately.  Start at about 12:18 for Debbie's lesson.

The Reshaping of Church Life

In 1995 in Seoul, South Korea, at a Global Consultation on World Evangelization, I heard Dr. Thom Wolf, renowned global missiologist say, “The 21st Century Church may look a lot like the 1st Century Church.”  Well, it does appear that it is happening during this global pandemic.  (Read more here.)

Holy Disruption


This is the podcast between Nathan Foster (son of Richard Foster, author of Celebration of Discipline.) and Jill Weber, avid spiritual formation writer and director.  This interview  introduced me to the phrase-holy disruption and how it might be the best way to find purpose for these strange Corona times. Renovare produced this and shares a weekly email filled with links to podcasts and other resources.  It's on my weekly must-open and review list!  If you listen to it, I'd love to hear what you think about it.

Going the Distance--by Rick Bragg


Rick Bragg is an award-winning, southern  writer.  Jerry Jenkins has called him one of the best writers in the United States for his ability to turn a phrase and capture a person, place, or time.  This essay appeared in Southern Living, the premier southern  magazine for home, garden, food, and travel.  I think you'll agree that he nailed what we're missing right now.