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A Word for 2022

I admit that many times I have tried to find a word for the year and failed miserably.  I'm not sure why it's been hard since I'm a word person.  Maybe there are just too many words to choose from.  That's why when my Dayspring email invited me to take a quiz to find my word for the New Year, I decided to give it a try, although with much skepticism.  However, I have to admit, the word fit.  If you want to give it try, click here for the link.  Be aware that you have to give your email which signs you up for their emails, but you can always unsubscribe.  

Before Setting Goals for 2022

Emily P. Freeman, author of the The Next Right Thing, book and journal, always helps me ask the most important questions as I enter a New Year.  This eipsode of her podcast explains her strategy for asking what worked and what didn't.  She also shares other critical questions.  I'm setting aside some time to answer these questions so that I have a review that will move me forward.  You can listen to it here  She also shares a transcript if you'd rather read it.