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10 Year-end Questions to Ask Yourself


Linda Clair Puig is an entrepreneur who helps other entrepreneurs write newsletters and blogs.  I found this list of questions she sent out in December extremely helpful as I gathered my lessons from 2020 before moving forward.  Take a question a day or select the most important questions you know you should answer to find your most important lessons in moving forward.  I hope you find them as helpful as I did..

Questions to Get Me Started

Edie Melson is my go-to specialist about how a Christian writer uses social media. She serves on the staff of the Blue Ridge Christian Writers' Conference.  I have always found her information realistic, practical and so helpful.  This excerpt shares 4 questions for reflection to begin a New Year.  While they were focused toward writers, they apply to everyone.

The Reshaping of Church Life

In 1995 in Seoul, South Korea, at a Global Consultation on World Evangelization, I heard Dr. Thom Wolf, renowned global missiologist say, “The 21st Century Church may look a lot like the 1st Century Church.”  Well, it does appear that it is happening during this global pandemic.  (Read more here.)

Holy Disruption


This is the podcast between Nathan Foster (son of Richard Foster, author of Celebration of Discipline.) and Jill Weber, avid spiritual formation writer and director.  This interview  introduced me to the phrase-holy disruption and how it might be the best way to find purpose for these strange Corona times.