Devotional Guides

Need a quick devotional guide as a bridge to your next group Bible study?  Consider Ten Mentors fromt the Bible.  This is a stand-alone, free, downloadable.  A short, background sketch leads to a short Bible Study designed to lead you to find your own lessons from these "mentors."  If you have any questions about a study, write me.  I love to engage in discussion about God's Word.  There's always something more to learn for all of us! 

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A Bible Study 
by Debbie Salter Goodwin
christmas nativity-gareth-harper-dABKxsP
An Advent Guide 
by Debbie Salter Goodwin

 Simply Christmas is a free resource to help you make a determined effort to keep Jesus mission for coming into the world,  There is a  short, devotional reading for each day of the four weeks leading to Christmas day.  At the end of each reflection is a Simply Christmas  strategy.  

You can download your own copy by clicking on the title and saving the document on your device.

 Return is a free daily devotional guide to take you on a reflective journey to Easter.  A short paragraph based on a scripture and a question to help you examine your heart will guide you to places of confession and surrender and new obedience.