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Children's Drama 


Drama has been a part of my life  ever since I saw "The Wizard of Oz" as live theater.  I love giving children fun, creative, and growth-building scripts to help them learn and share Bible stories and lessons.  I make them easy to rehearse to keep children engaged.  I always include a key lesson that both children and adults need to review.   And I always start with imagination--the key to every child's inner actor.

Quick Start Drama for Kids



Don't have a lot of time to rehearse? Uses quick-start techniques to captialize on imagination and immediately engage children in a Bible sketch or interactive story. Imagination cuts rehearsal time and increases the fun factor. Use these short drama pieces to enhance a lesson or share in worship.  This collection includes New and Old Testament scripts as well as one for Christmas.  They need simple  costumes or none at all.  No royalty. 


19.99          Lillenas Drama   Buy here.


Individual scripts available for download purchase.

Quick Start

Quick Start Drama for Kids:  Christmas



This Christmas edition of Quick Start Drama for Kids gives you everything you need for easy-to-rehearse presentations.  They use Readers Theater, pantomime, interactive stories, and a vareity of other quick start methods to help you share Christmas-themed drama in a variety of settings.  Includes four Advent presentations, ideas for living Christmas cards, a meaningful call to worship using signs, a one-act  that summarizes the Christmas story as "The Prince and the Pauper," and others. You'll find ideas to combine several pieces for longer presentations.

19.99          Lillenas Drama    Buy here.


Anchor 14 Quick Start Christmas
Anchor 15 Invitation to Party


Invitation to a Party



Born in summer camps, these sixteen sketches bring the parables and miracles of Jesus to life on stage.  With 1-3 rehearsals , simple props and costumes; they deliver big lessons.  Also included are "rhythm stories."  These are rhymed stories  using rhythmic clapping.  Rediscover what happens when children own the message these stories share.


$19.99           J. W. Pepper          Buy here


Anchor 17 Just for the Play of It

Just For the Play of It


Need help using drama with children?  This how-to  book is what you're looking for.  Learn how to use movement, storytelling, imagination, and learning in a fun drama experience.  Explore easy ways to engage children in performance and non-performance drama experiences.  Included is a royalty-free script "Gates, Gaps, and Grapes."  Still need help?  Write Debbie for ways to shape a drama experience for your kids and staff.



$18.00             Amazon             Buy here



All the Best


All the Best Programs for Kids


Everybody loves it when children share a welcome, a Bible lesson, music, or a seasonal message.  This resource shares sketches for worship, classroom, or seasonally themed presentations for a variety of ages and settings. Each sketch is paired with music you will find at the back of the book.  A companion, split-track CD is available.  The Appendix shares helpful warm-up games as well as suggestions to put several pieces together for full-length presentations.  With 143  spiral-bound pages and no royalty, this could be your go-to resource for all your drama needs.

Out of Print

Available through Debbie only.  Write for more information.

Anchor 16 2 All the Best


All the Best Programs for Kids 2


This second volume of All the Best Programs has everything the first volume had and more.  Enjoy different sketches and more than thirty musical selections.  Includes simple ideas to turn many into a teaching lesson.  Whether you need something for Mother's Day, Valentine's, Easter, Promotion Sunday or for a fun re-telling of a favorite Bible story, you'll find endless possibilities.  A complete index helps you find appropriate pieces by age, purpose, method, memory work, or theme.   A valuable resource for anyone who works with children.


Out of Print

Available through Debbie only.  Write for more information.




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