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About Debbie

Growing Up

I was born  in Dallas, Texas but moved to Kanas City, Missouri when I was in elementary school.  I discovered my love for speech when I won a contest.  I learned that if you understood what you memorized and delivered it with expression from your heart, people listened. 



Writing came later.  I signed up for Creative Writing my junior year in college. I planned to teach high school English, so I thought it would help me make writing fun for my students.  Instead, I found my life's calling.  I graduated two years later from Bethany Nazarene College (now Southern Nazarene University) in Bethany, Oklahoma and stayed another year to finish a Master's in Speech Education. 


Career Pursuits

As Children's Pastor at Bethany First Nazarene, I honed my philosophy

for ministry to children which would help me to write for children later. 

For nearly four years, I taught Speech and Drama at Olivet Nazarene

College (now University) in Illinois and did some writing on the side. When I accepted the position as editor of  Bread Magazine, a denominational teen magazine, I was able to make writing my day job. 


About Publishing

My first book was published in 1979. One is More than Un was my response to the growing Christian single population.  Since then, I have published 14 other books, 6 of which are drama resources for kids. I enjoyed a 20-year Q & A column for teenagers. I loved interviewing international mission-minded leaders for stories in Holiness Today.  I also enjoy the challenge of curriculum and devotional writing. 


About Family

In 1980 I married Mark Goodwin, who met me  in the pages of my

first book.  He was single after the unexpected death of his wife, senior pastor at Bryan, Texas and and father of 4-year-old Lisa. They both stole my heart. When Lisa became suspicous about the time her dad spent on the phone with me, she asked, "Is she going to marry us?"  And that's exactly what I did. 


Current Update

We presently live  in Roswell, Georgia outside of Atlanta.  We moved here in the summer of 2017 after my husband retired as senior pastor at Portland First Church of the Nazarene, where he served for 12 years This follows pastorates in Bryan, Texas; St. Louis, Missouri; and Centralia, Washington. I have loved teaching an all women's class on Sunday, spending priority time encouraging moms of preschool children as mentor mom for MOPS, and sharing drama experiences with adults and children when I could.  Now it's time for a new chapter. 

Our daughter, Lisa, spent all of her 40 years surprising everyone with her inspiring  attitude in spite of her many physical challenges.  She enjoyed supported independence with the help of caregivers in her own apartment.  On July 25, 2016, God freed her from every limitation.  Though we miss her smile, her wit, her enthusiastic worship; we are grateful that God shared her with us.  Go to Our Special Needs Journey to read more of our lessons.

Other Interests

I love meandering walks (not serious enough to call them hikes) in God's creation.  Cooking has been my go-to pleasure ever since my grandmother taught me to scramble eggs all by myself.  And then there are my books.  Some people say they have so much to do before they die, they can never die.  Me?  I have too many books to read.  Of course any time with my husband, who is my best friend and God-picked soulmate, is the next best thing to heaven as far as I am concerned.

So there it is, me in about 600 words and a few pictures.  Where are we alike?  Where are we different?  Why not write and let me know.  Remember, it's all about connections.



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