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A Quiet Circle



Do you need a quiet circle at Christmas? 

Do you need a corner in the middle of December’s push

where you can relax and make sure you celebrate the Reason for the Season? 

The world will always give noise,

but you don’t have to let it move in. 


I'm offering daily Advent devotionals to help you focus 

on what will bring all the right gifts to your heart this Christmas. 

This is my Christmas gift to you. 

Just click on the following button.


Light a candle.  Sip some cider.  Take a 5-minute break.  

Quiet every thought about lists and must-do’s. 

Use these daily readings to let God speak as He did that first Christmas

with words to bring His life to you. 

May our God who brought hope, peace, love, and joy to the world that first Christmas,

do it again in yours.

Christmas blessings!


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