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Past Reviews

Carnegie's Maid by Marie Benedict, Historical Fiction, 2018
Benedict works her magic with historical details and engaging storytelling.  She tells the fictional story of an immigrant Irish woman who is placed in the Carnegie house as the lady’s maid to Mrs. Carnegie by an unusual mix up. The story helps the reader understand the dire circumstances many Irish families faces as well as the great divide between wealth and poverty in America.  It also reveals the relationships and business pursuits of the Carnegie’s and their legacy and life in 19th century America.  

The Children's Blizzard by Melanie Benjamin, Historical Fiction, 2021

In January of 1888 a too sudden and devastating blizzard turned a normal day into a life-and-death challenge that stole life from over 200 homesteaders in the Dakota territory, most of them children.  Successful historical fiction writer, Melanie Benjamin, invented characters based on true stories to tell a heartbreaking story of survival and loss. Readers are drawn in to the hopes and struggles of two very young school teachers who make life and death choices for their classes, choices that no one prepared them for. The choices made one a heroine and one an outcast. The story reminds us that life turns on choices and sometimes they are choices we have to live with for the rest of our lives.

Carnegie's Maid
The Children's Blizzard
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