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Level Paths

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I have become more conscious of the importance of level surfaces since Lisa has lost so much vision. What she can’t see, trips her. Even a sudden change she isn’t prepared for, like going from sidewalk to outdoor mat throws her. It jolts her body into fearful paralysis. Sometimes even my coaxing doesn’t restore the confidence she needs for the next step. Shouldn’t she be satisfied by what I see?

God asks me the same question.

Suddenly, I am more sympathetic with Lisa’s plight. Like her, I want to see where I’m going. I want to make sure the next step doesn’t land me on my face. The unknown, the change, the crisis—all offer unpredictability. I stiffen, hesitate, and move forward with agonizing caution because I fully believe that what I can’t see and don’t know will trip me.

That’s why I draw great confidence in this reminder from God:


“I will lead them . . . on a level path

where they will not stumble.”

Jeremiah 31:9b (NIV)

Only a God with 20-20 vision into my future can point out that perfect next step.

“Follow me,” God says. “I’ll find the level path where you won’t stumble.”

And it will take me where God knows I need to go.

Find the level path. Take the step. Follow God.

Sounds like a plan for a New Year.

Where’s the next step for you?

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