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Between What and When

Transition Part 2

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In between. Limbo. Not yet there. Waiting for next. Just waiting.

Pretty well sums up transition, doesn’t it.

Not completely.

I’ve had my share of transitions. I will never forget the time while teaching at Olivet Nazarene College (now University) when I sensed God’s call to write. However, it seemed my days were filled with everything but writing. I cried with David, “How long, Lord.”

During that season of transition, which ended my last non-writing job, I learned that transition was more about preparation than waiting. I learned that it was more active than passive. I discovered that what it took to keep me focused on my teaching responsibilities was critical to getting me ready for a next step, even if it was years away. I learned that God’s call was a “now” call before it was a “tomorrow” call.

That wasn’t my last transition. Others have challenged me with their length, their purpose, or their timing. I keep learning from them.

So what does it mean for me now? It means that none of the basics change even when the scenery does. I still start each day :

  • With the same focus—to answer God’s call in my life .

  • With an even stronger commitment to grow.

  • With the same submission—to lay my will before God so that there is only room for His will.

Where do transitions lead? Ah. That’s the adventure.

May I never underestimate the in between as something to “get over” or “get through” but embrace the possibilities that make the next step everything God created it to be.

Peace for your journey of beginnings or endings and everything in between!

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