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A Transfiguration for Us?

A cloud overshadowed them and a voice from the cloud said . . . Listen to him. Mark 9:7, NLT

When Jesus invited Peter, James, and John to take a mountain climb with him, the disciples had no idea what waited for them. 

They witnessed a parting between heaven and earth, an opening into eternity. The Jesus they walked with, talked with, and learned from was transfigured before their eyes.  Such light and lightness as they had never experienced.  Jesus as pure, dazzling, blinding, beautiful light was as real as he was ethereal. 

With him stood Elijah and Moses.  How did the disciples recognize them? Did Jesus call them by name?  These were patriarchs of their benchmark stories.  With mouths open and soundless, Peter, James and John watched what seemed a reunion.  Jesus with long-gone Elijah and Moses, speaking like friends with Jesus. Were these two sent to encourage Jesus? 

And the voice, not from Jesus or Elijah or Moses, the arresting voice from nowhere and everywhere reminding these three that Jesus was the very Son of God and God as Son.  “Listen to him,” the voice thundered.

What transfiguring moments does Jesus have for us in our journey to the sunrise of all sunrises?  What pales against all that he has done and keeps doing for us?  What presence is more real than friends and family to overwhelm us with the reality of Jesus’ agonizing surrender to be our Lamb of sacrifice?  How will we hear again the arresting voice of God?  “This is my son . . . Listen to him.” 

We have a mountain of transfiguration to climb in the week to come.  The truth of what Jesus did must startle our senses, fill our minds, and turn our hearts to God’s unfailing love for us.  We need new moments where we see no one but Jesus and think nothing but of his gift and what we have done with it.

We must stand where the cloud of overshadowing will help us focus on Jesus only.  We must stand there and look until we see Jesus looking at us and through us with more love and invitation than anyone else has ever shared.

Then, we will be ready to listen.

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