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When Heaven Throws a Party!

We celebrate when babies come into the world. Newborn pictures rock social media. Birth initiates a hopeful beginning. You see it in the eyes of new parents. A tiny, helpless, swaddled infant begins life with great possibilities.

Heaven has a similar celebration when someone is born into the Kingdom of God. I don't know if they blow horns or throw confettie, but the Bible tells us that all heaven celebrates each new spiritual birth. (Luke 15:7)

Regeneration is the word we use to describe this birth. But don't make it a dull, empty, complicated word. This is a party word. What this word describes is world changing. God brings about a transformation in our heart so drastic and miraculous, there is no better word for it than new birth. This birth changes perspective, priorities, values, and direction.

While the birth is all God's work, the decision that makes it possible is all ours. Compare it to a decision at an intersection. We must take steps to walk in the new direction or we go nowhere. Regeneration is God's push to get us started in the right way. God, with all His creativity, takes our confession of faith and decision to turn toward Him (repentance). Then, God breathes His Spirit into us to awaken the image of Himself He planted there and turns us loose to grow.

It's not biological; it's spiritual in every way. It's not cerebral, something you can think your way through. Regeneration is God-emowered from start to finish. We live with uncommon hope, unbelieveable peace, and unmeasured devotion.

More than just an initial push into this new life, regeneration gives us new citizenship. It places our primary citizenship in heaven. We have temporary visas here on earth. Heavenly citizenship changes how we live on this.

I fear we have lost the winsomeness, the creative vision, and the moral highroad that a regenerated life should reflect. I wonder if heaven should throw a remember-your-regeneration party! Perhaps, if we could re-celebrate the changes our birth in Christ introduced from the beginning we would live closer to our our regenerated potential.

So let the party re-convene. Let's live our lives with all the power regeneration set in motion. Let's be people of hope again, not because everything is working out here on earth; but because God is working His Spirit in our regenerated selves. Let's have party every Sunday through worship to celebrate our birth in Christ. Let's live the party spirit regeneration should bring. Let's think, act, relate, plan, and work as people who have been turned around. Let's make it an irresistible way to live so others want to join the party.

Today, thank God for your new birth. Confess where you have let anything rob you of the joy God gave you in new birth. Then, live with a party in your heart. God is always ready to celebrate with you.

So, who's ready for a party?

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