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Why Do I Need Resurrection Power?

With the journey to Easter behind me, the review of the passion of Christ, his suffering and death, I have to ask the convicting question, “Did it accomplish what it was supposed to?” I gave up one of the those time-sapping activities that would give me time for Bible study and reflection before I was pulled into the pressing must-do’s of my day.

But still I ask, “Did it accomplish what it was supposed to?”

I know I have new appreciation for the misunderstandings of the disciples as my reading of N. T. Wright’s devotional writing from Lent for Everyone nudged me into new insights. I know that my own personal “waiting” frustration reached its climax and moved toward new growth in my faith journey. I can point to verses and commentary and circumstances that pounded me into shape.

Still, how can I know for sure?

And then, from Oswald Chambers today, a new understanding congealed and rose to smack me in the face with bright truth.

“Until the life of the risen Christ so dominates you . .

The phrase captured me. Unless resurrection power dominates me, I live below my means.

That’s what resurrection power is for. To live the Christ life. On this earth, in this body, at this time.

There is no dead end in the Christian life, no “been there and done that.” Nothing less than resurrection power lifts me from the weight of this world, the pull toward acceptance, the push to be enough for some standard, the fear of failing something or someone. Yes, I lose my way in the maze of our culture. Yes, I need a power other than my own to take me where I cannot go by myself. That’s resurrection power! That’s death-to-life power! That’s the beginning of heaven on earth, His kingdom come, His will done. Not out in some faraway place, but here, in me.

Why do I need resu

rrection power?

To live; not just to get me to heaven.

I need resurrection power every morning and every moment because to live by any other motivation or inspiration or purpose or duty will keep me in a tomb where no stone rolls away.

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