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Can a Disciple be Directionally Challenged?

I’m geographically challenged. You don’t want me to give you directions to get anywhere. I get turned around in a shopping mall! It’s not that I get lost, exactly. I just take longer to get where I’m going. I hate it when my insecurity in this area keeps me from enjoying something.

So when a new friend from Hood River invited me to explore Indian Creek Trail, I was excited. No fear of getting lost; I would follow someone who knew the way!

Then, last Saturday, my husband asked me if I thought I could get us to the trail and back without getting lost.

“Uh, I think so.” I think I sounded more confident than I was.

As soon as we tried to find the parking lot for the start of the trail, I knew I didn’t listen as carefully as I could have. I second guessed every choice. Each fork in the trail was not an easy multiple choice. Did I remember this tree? Was it the upper or lower trail? Do we take the bridge or pass it?

My answer to most questions was, “I’m not sure.”

Thankfully, we didn’t get lost. Besides, we checked the map at the end of the trail only to recognize that it was laid out for directionally challenged people like me.

I started thinking how I sometimes act directionally challenged when it comes to my life of following Jesus. Can a disciple claim directional challenge when Jesus has already shown us the way? I don’t think so. After all, lost isn’t a word we use to describe a believer.

I left Indian Creek Trail saying, lesson learned. The next time I took the trail with with my guide, I paid close attention.

I may be able to claim a directional disadvantage when it comes to highway driving and hiking trails, but Jesus promised that He will always let me know how to get past any fork in the road I encounter.

All I have to do is listen.

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