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For All the Labor Days to Come . . .

When we have exhausted our store of endurance

When our strength has failed ere the day is half-done.

How many times have these words summarized me and some push to be productive? Exhaustion and failure are twin enemies of the peace I want.

Like you, only one of my labor days is a day off. The rest are for work.

But . . .

Into the emptiness of used up strength, half-baked motivation,

and no way through,

If I will get still and silence the voice that wants to list and accuse and complain;

If I will wait,

I mean really wait,

wait for help that does not come from me or my best argument;

I will hear the invitation from Jesus that melts me to my center:


I start to explain what put me in this tangle, but He wants no explanations.

Just Come.

I, who feels the weight of I cannot, revel in an invitation

that requires nothing but acceptance.

So I come.

At first I expect a gentle nudge to show me where I wasted time, missed opportunities, or chose wrong priorities.

However, He did not call me to set me straight; He called me to love me.

What happens in that moment does not change the demands of the day but refreshes my supplies to meet them.

So here’s my benediction for you and your days of labor to come . . .

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