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Where Glory Weights

If glory is the full weight of all God is,

All His holiness,

All His pure, unalterable character,

All His unending reservoir of resources,

All His over and beyond all power,

All His complete knowledge of anything past, present or future;

How can I not feel that weight until it pulls me to my knees?

Kabod is the Hebrew word for glory.

Like our language, it does not do Your glory justice.

A hard consonant cough cannot hold the weightiness of God

Because glory is so much more,

More than a golden halo around the head of the Divine,

More than sunlight rays emanating from a burning orb.

Glory forces me off balance,

Crumbles my self-focus, and

Tumbles me to the ground.

There, knees pasted to earth,

Glory anchors me,

Moors me,

And reminds me

I am here because of God,

I am here for God.

I am created to bow and fall before Him,

Only before Him.

Oh, God,

Weight me down again.

Master me with your irrepressible glory

So that I worship

Not because it is Sunday

Or I am in church

But because your glory weights me,

Overwhelms and humbles me

So that I,

New-made in mind and heart,

Sigh deeply, all air pushed out

Into a shout of

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