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Looking For Peace?

I am learning that Advent is a time to re-focus.

It isn’t just an opportunity to do Christmas better.

No one can improve on what God did in Bethlehem that first Christmas.

Instead, it is a time to let God do what He does best: bring Christmas to us!

He always starts in the heart.

This week of Advent focuses on Peace.

If you thought hope was elusive, try making your own peace

in your overcrowded Bethlehem.

I'd like to send you a week of short devotionals

to help you bring God's gift of peace

to your days this week.

Use the "Let's Connect" button, available at the bottom of any page.

Look for an e-mail in your in box from me with instructions for downloading them.

Then, draw a quiet circle and take control of your inside noise.

We can all use a good supply of peace!

Christmas Peace!


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