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A Prayer for Our Nation


Only you

are over all kingdoms and their leaders.

Only you

know every heart and motive.

Only you

can weave your will

using people and processes we protest.

We pray that you will again

use current complexities and divisions

in ways that surprise and humble us.

To be known as a land of plenty

demonstrates how you have blessed us.

To be known as a divided land

demonstrates how much we misuse your gifts.

In the same way that Isaiah, Jeremiah,

Hosea and other prophets

raised their voices against the unfaithfulness

of your set-apart people,

may we use our voices

to bring the Family of God together.

May we act in every Christ-like way

to point people to our God of unfailing love

so that no one ever accuses you

of being who you are not.

May we pray boldly for every elected leader

out of a radical belief that your over-all sovereignty

is not challenged by those

whose lifestyles and values scare or anger us.

Bring us to our knees for the ways

we have played into the rhetoric and rebellion

you would not have us participate in.

Challenge us again to be

your people,

called out to be

your redemptive voice,

your healing hands,

your reconcilers

your servants

who refuse to act by our own preferences.

Oh God,

hear our prayer.

Forgive us

so that we can forgive those who trespass against us

and especially you!

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