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A Time to Love

Isn’t it always time to love?

Doesn’t love trump everything?

Heal everyone?

Make all things better?

Then why is there so much hurt, separation, and anger in our world?

Has love been oversold?

No! A thousand times no! For our God of no beginning and no end defines and embodies love. He created a world of texture and beauty that we would know the many colors of his love. He created us in His image that we would always know where we came from and never need to know a moment of unlove. He placed inside us a hunger to be loved so that He could always be the One that filled it first.

If we take this time to love and look at it from God’s perspective, it stares us down like a security X-ray and exposes every love-starved place of hurt and rejection. A time to love reveals us for the needy, loveless people we are, exposes where we have looked for love from someone other than God, and either found rejection or at least a frustration at the insufficiency.

We are wayward sheep in reckless in pursuit of other loves. We cannot believe that a Creator we cannot see could love us with a love excelling all other loves. We have tasted rejection and betrayal at the hands of unloving people in ways that make us believe we must be unloveable. Even then, God designed the kind of message surely no one could refuse. He would offer love in human form, just like we always asked for. He would send Himself in man-form so that we could see for ourselves what His love looked like, how His love touched and healed, how His love could transform. His love was not a self-directed love to preserve personal importance or meet His needs; it was a love so other that it was judged criminal so it could be destroyed.

Do not miss this message. When God wants to show His love, when God wants to make an in-your-face statement about His love, you cannot kill it. Love, the purest form of it, the love that meets every need, the love that outloves any other love from any other source, the love of God in its unfailing depth, its transformational power, and its need-meeting completeness will not be extinguished.

For God, it is always a time to love. And He chose you to show this love to.

You. No matter where you have experienced the back hand of someone else’s insufficient love. No matter if you try to construct your excuses about why you can’t find or experience this kind of love. God comes to you and says, “It is time. It is time for you to let me pour on you the fullness of my complete love. It is time for my love to fill all the unloved crevices of your heart and bathe you with the balm of my healing. It is time for you to know how I believe you are worth the price I paid just so you would know how much I love you.”

This is not a time for excuses. It is not the time to rehearse past hurts and betrayals. It is time for Love to have its original, God-created way in your heart. It is a time for God’s love to be front and center in your life so that you can be loved for who He made you to be and not for who you are trying to make of yourself. A time to love is a time to receive God’s message in its life-giving, future-saving way to understand that no person’s unlove can destroy you or your future when you allow yourself to be loved by God’s unfailing love.

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