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A Nation Blessed?

Are we a nation God can bless or are we losing our status as a “one nation under God?”

Some would say that our nation is better off without the Judeo-Christian belief that God is the head of all that He has made—including this nation.

Others believe we have progressed beyond our need for God.

Still others declare that no one, no matter their credentials, has the authority to impinge upon our right to live our own way by our own beliefs and moral compass.

However, the question I want to ask is are we missing blessings because we have abandoned God’s directives, ethics, values, and priorities to pursue our “better” and more “culturally appropriate” interpretation?

Have we, like the Children of Israel, filled the role of supreme authority with our right to decide for ourselves and made our own version of a god that we worship like a golden calf?

God’s Word says clearly

Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord. (Psalm 33:12)

So Is our nation’s God the Lord?

Unfortunately, our tolerance won’t let us make this declaration.

And I must ask: At. What. Cost?

Because, according to this Word of the Lord, our blessing as a nation hangs on that declaration.

Of course it doesn’t mean that we step on and over anyone who does not believe God is Lord.

Nor does it allow for rude protests of any kind, for any moral reason. (I’ve never understood how rudeness pushes anyone’s agenda forward!)

And I do not believe that we are individually cursed because our nation cannot voice a united belief in God as Lord.

But we live the consequences. Political division. Moral confusion. Family fraction. Environmental crisis.

And we act surprised?

Instead, it should send us to our knees without political agendas and without singling out a cry for or against any standard we have given voice to.

Just go to our knees to confess our lostness in our lost nation.

And pray for mercy

For nothing but the mercy of the God,

Which our nation has arrogantly dismissed the need for,

Will save us.

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