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Three Prayers for Your New Year

Too many times I start at the wrong beginning in planning for a New Year.  I think about what I want to accomplish, answer questions that others use to evaluate and plot a course, and sometimes get over-creative and definitely unrealistic in my planning.

This year I’m pulling back from all that.  I’m seriously trying to take push out of my daily vocabulary and strategy.

Instead of starting with goals, I’ve decided to start with prayer, three prayers to be specific. If you need a softer beginning to your New Year, maybe it is a good place for you to start as well.

The Prayer for Creativity

In the beginning, God created . . .Genesis 1:1

This verse reminds me where all creativity begins.  I have no creative thought, no creative output, no creative contribution without the power of God’s creativity.  I can’t take it for granted and just assume He is always creating through me.  I want to deliberately and habitually ask God to direct me creatively.

And so I pray . . .  

God of First Creative Work

Create in me a cleaned spirit

That I may recognize Your Creativity.

Remind me that doing more

Is not your Creative push;

It is mine.

Forgive my useless frenzy.

.Return me to Garden Walks

Where I breathe your Spirit

And learn to create Your way.



The Prayer for Stillness

Be Still and know! Psalm 46:10

No one stands still very long in our world unless it is for traffic.  We rush and push and wear ourselves out. We don’t know how to be still.  Our world doesn’t encourage us to slow down. 

But every time I read this verse I recognize that knowing is on the other side of stillness.  Whatever I need to know won’t be thrown at me while I rush through my day.  It takes moments of stillness when I turn off self-talk.  This prayer reminds me that I can’t always tell myself what I need to know.  I need to listen to God's quiet whisper.  I need to be still to know whatever God wants me to know. 

And so I pray . . .

Lord of the Quiet

Silence my inner clamor

That I may hear You.

If stillness brings what I need to know

Then, help me quiet my words and thoughts

That produce more anxiety than answers.

I would be still before you

So that you have center stage

And I am your audience.



The Prayer for Renewed Strength 

Those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. Isaiah 40:31

I don't have the stamina to double my production by doubling my push. I need daily renewal. But there is a catch.  His strength renewal policy is unending but it does not cover everything I wish I could do; only what He wants me to accomplish. So this year I’m looking to focus on His energy renewal plan.  I will stop when He says enough, even when my list is unfinished.

And so I pray . . .

God of Unending Strength

Remind me daily

That I have enough energy

To do what You want,

That Your plan involves no burn-out,

And Your definition of success starts with obedience.

Direct my plans

Where unending renewal begins.


I believe the goals that come from these prayers will take me where God want me to go. Why would I persist in what I think best and risk the wrong outcome?

If you want your own copy of these three prayers, you can download a copy here.

Let’s pray them together and see where God takes us!

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