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More Gratitude, Please!

We need more gratitude in this world. It is an oil for relationship that heals and calms. It is a telescope that sees the world in bright color and hopeful possibilities.

So . . .

Let’s start living our lives with the password, Thank you,

and see what doors it opens.

Let’s thank grocery clerks and restaurant waitpersons.

Let’s thank postal clerks and garbage collectors.

Let’s thank husbands and children and grandchildren.

Let’s thank sisters and brothers and parents and nieces and nephews.

Let’s develop hearts that lead with gratitude

as we keep finding those deep places where others

have added to our lives what we cannot

The love

The laughter

The growth producing challenges

The kindness

The help

The encouragement

Let’s become generous with our gratitude

from hearts enlarged by the love of God.

Thanksgiving is a good time to take generosity and gratitude one step further.

Don’t get lost in turkey and pumpkin pie.

Get lost in the people in your circle of life,

who they are not who you want them to be.

Get lost in the God who created you.

And be grateful.

Sharing the journey with gratitude!


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