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My Christmas Prayer for You!

May Christmas remind you how far God came just for you.

While the story is simple,

the message is profound and life-changing.

God broke through the boundary between heaven and earth

To come to us as we have asked over and over

In a way we could touch and see and understand.

However, over time, we decorated the story,

Cleaned up the stable,

And removed the inconvenience.

But God did nothing without purpose.

Review the story again.

See the straw scattered stable.

Hear the animal grunts and pawings.

Smell the fodder and manure.

Remember that God came into a mess

And know again that He comes to you,

As you are, not as you wish you were.

He wants to take you on a journey of growth

That begins in the heart.

Against all the Herods of our day

And in all our crowded Bethlehems,

He comes with one message:

I AM here for you.

How far can I take you?

May the undecorated truth of this Christmas

Ring true in your heart

And bring you all the peace

Nothing else can bring..

With Christmas Hope

and joy to your world!


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