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God's UNfailing Love for YOU!

God is not a stranger to our mishaps in love. He sees every rejection, every betrayal, every argument, every separation. He longs for us to know something better from Him. He is the God of UN-failing love. It’s not just one of His traits; it’s the one that binds everything we know about God together. His love is deep, completing, empowering, healing and does not fail.

Not ever.

It’s time to stop wishing God would do this or that and let God do what He does best: love us. He wants us to let His love overwhelm us. He wants His love to protect us from any love that would hurt or betray us. He wants His love to be our standard because no other love can do all we need better than God.

Who would we be if we really believed in God’s unfailing love?

Who would we be if we accepted what God believes about us,

that we are loveable and worth loving?

If we really believed in God’s unfailing love, we would live with more security and less fear. We would live with more of our original, God-given identity and stop chasing someone else’s idea of who we should be.

Lent is a time to review the loves in our life that pull us down or frustrate us or hurt us. Sometimes they are people; sometimes they are activities or habits. We can’t always remove them; but we can, with God’s love, reassign their place in our lives. We can ask God to give us what we need so that our wants do not take us on frustrating and often self-destructive detours. We can receive UN-failing love so that we are empowered to receive and give love from a healed place and not a wounded one.

Let God love you.

You, the needy, wanting-to-do-better you, the you who needs to know that when God loved the world, He directed that love personally and unfailingly to you. You are not just another prayer request. You are the apple of His eye, His treasure, His reason for getting involved in the mess of this world.

Live knowing that the unfailing love of God is your armor, your home, the lap of a doting father for his prized child.

Live loved !

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