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A Second Helping of Awe, Please!

What will get us through hard times? Not just a pep-talk. Not even a more positive attitude. We need awe.

Awe is that instant when something beyond beautiful captures our attention, when the complexity and design of the world reminds us of artistry beyond anything man can do, when something so magnificent or powerful renders us wordless; that’s awe.

We need to see the unending, undeniable, unconquerable power that only God can bring. We need knee-bending, heart-soaring, mind-boggling awe that only comes from new understandings and encounters with God and His work.

We need to wonder about what God is up to and where we fit in. We need to stop wringing our hands and start looking for the hope God always brings. Wherever our helplessness meets God’s abundance, we find hope. Hope prepares us for awe.

Fear is strangling us in so many ways. But God did not give us a spirit of timidity . . . but of power! (2 Timothy 1:7) Anytime we are bent by disaster or disease, the un-holiness of our culture, or the evil stalking our world; we need to stand at the empty tomb again. There is no place of greater awe. There God exerted the same creative power that put this world in place. He demonstrated how His power is greater than the sum of all the powers this world uses against us. We need to stand there until we understand how the empty tomb is the only truth that will save us. We need to live our days in awe that the God of resurrecting power would share that power with us. Not meagerly to get us by, but abundantly to get us home.

We need to ask God for a second helping of awe as we prepare for Easter. We need to take another look into the tomb God emptied so that we know how His power can always take care of my worst enemy. When God’s omnipotence meets my powerlessness, I come weak-kneed and trembling where I can always find new reasons to live in awe.

So will you.


My Mistake!

If you are following the "Take Your Heart to God" Lenten Devotional Guide, you probably wondered why I started Holy Week so early. Well, it was a mistake. When I made my blog post calendar, I skipped this Wednesday which sent us into the last week too early. I am very sorry. So I'm offering this Wed-Easter Monday addition. It gives the same components: A key verse and a reflection .for each day. You can get a quick copy by clicking on the button below or writing me directly at .

May you prepare yourself for Easter,

so that Easter can give all the awe you need

to live in hope

in this too often, hopeless world!

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