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If Gratitude Ruled the World

I’ve walked the unpaved streets in a third world country and looked at faces of people who lived in homes that had a sheet for a door. Do you know what I saw on their faces? Joy. Smiles that brought sunshine to my heart!

But when I look at faces of people in stores where necessities line shelves and are restocked regularly, I don’t see that same joy.

What’s missing? Gratitude for what we already have!

For a moment, imagine with me what would happen if gratitude ruled the world.

If gratitude ruled the world . . .

There would be no need for war

because grateful people negotiate for the good of everyone.

There would be no murder

because grateful people honor life.

There would be no theft

because grateful people respect what belongs to someone else.

If gratitude ruled the world . . .

People would smile more

because grateful people can’t help but show it.

There would be more parties

because grateful people have something to celebrate.

No one would suffer in silence

because grateful people help each other.

If gratitude ruled the world . . . .

Families would spend more time together

because they enjoy each other so much.

Every child would know love..

Every home would be a safe place.

If gratitude ruled the world . . .

No one would watch TV shows that put people down or mutilated them

because grateful people don’t call that entertainment.

Writers would come up with new models that inspire.

Technology would be a tool but not an addiction.

If gratitude ruled the world . . .

There would be less hunger

because grateful people share.

There would be less disease

because grateful people take care of themselves.

There would be less division

because grateful people respect each other.

If gratitude ruled the world . . .

We would sleep easily and wake refreshed.

We would find work a joy.

Money would be an accessory more than a task master.

If gratitude ruled the world . . .

Something in our souls would sing a new song.

Love would have more room to grow,

Peace would rise like a sunrise.

If gratitude ruled the world . . .

God would look at what we’ve done with His gifts and call it “good.”

We would live in His blessing.

The end of life would be more of a benediction.

And we would be ready to live in eternity

With all the gratitude we learned on earth.

If only gratitude ruled our world!

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