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It's Time to Return

Could there be any better way to address the tumultuous times we have been through and are still living than to take a prayerful journey to Easter? Jesus came to show THE WAY through this broken world. Are we following His way or making our own? That’s a good question to lead us through Lent.

These next weeks leading to Easter are not for the faint of heart. This is a time for deep, vulnerably honest soul searching. Am I living the life God wants? Have I chosen His priorities? Does my heart beat with the fervency of Jesus’ mission to bring God’s kingdom to earth?

There are few voices we could use any better than the prophet Joel’s when he repeats God’s longing for His people to: Return to me with all your heart. (Joel 2:12)

Return to everything you’ve learned about God.

Return to confess where you have not listened or obeyed.

Return to the last time you heard God speak clearly.

Return to the last time you obeyed quickly.

Return to the last prayer He answered.

Return to receive new orders, new forgiveness, new power.

Just return!

That’s the theme I am using this year: Return: Finding Our Way to the Cross.

Returning isn’t a start-over place; it’s a start-new place. We start something with God during these days of Lent. Fast a habit you don’t need and start a habit you do need. Begin a Bible study or a new devotional book that will help you return to practices that take you to God’s wisdom. Start your day listening for God’s direction about your attitudes, motivations, and fears. Don’t just live with the voices in your head. Learn how to let God’s voice be the loudest. Find a prayer partner. Make a weekly connection.

As always, I will offer a daily devotional guide. It will be ready next week on Ash Wednesday. You can download it or ask me to send you a copy. Each day features a scripture to guide our returning journey with questions to help you go deeper. There’s even a small space to journal your answers or simply pray them. My Wednesday posts will use the featured scripture for that day but take it deeper.

Remember, this is a journey not a formula. It’s a time to return to what God says will make a difference. You can’t orchestrate it because you’re not in charge of it. God is. But you can listen and respond. That’s where all the growth and intimacy happens.

I’ll be your prayer partner, if you’ll be mine.

Let’s make this journey a time to return to everything God says we can be.

Picture: Nick Fewings,

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