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List Making With God

The convicting truth we learn from Jesus is that we always have enough time to do God’s will.

What did Jesus do with the time he had? He used it purposefully, with resolve but without the fear of not having enough time.

Jesus took God’s purpose to the people he encountered. He brought God’s life and freedom wherever he went. He never turned anyone away. Never got testy with pushy crowds. Never posted working hours. Never demanded personal time.

Was there something so powerful in his full submission to his Father’s purpose that it protected him from the internal chaos we experience? Could it be that we stress ourselves with too much to do out of fear rather than purpose?

Following Jesus on his short life reminds us that he didn’t have time for five-year goals and ten-year planning. However, in three years he accomplished his Father’s assignment; he finished his work.

What can we learn from Jesus that will take us through our day, keep us patient through interruptions, protect us from unnecessary what-ifs, and help us accomplish everything God wants? How can we be God’s proclaimer, teacher, and healer and weave it through family, work, and leisure in the same seamless way that Jesus did?

First, we must believe that we can never plan or act beyond God’s searching, testing, pointing and leading. We must believe that when His Spirit fills us, we become more useful without trying harder. We find a rhythm that brings peace even to the days when other people’s agendas load ours.

Jesus didn’t get a list of what to accomplish from his Father; he received his Father’s heart. With his Father’s heart came all the resolve, focus, and energy to do His will. Could it be that we look for a list before we receive His heart?

Spend at least five minutes with God asking Him to show you His heart for you and your day. Don't make a list before you do. Let God gently remind you of His priorities for you today. Remember, God will empower you to complete His list.

How does reversing the order to receive God's heart before you make your list change your priorities? Post your answer below and maybe it will nudge others to try this daily reversal.

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