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More Gratitude, Please!

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

Do you know what the number one killer of gratitude is? Entitlement. We build entitlement with expectations, true or false, possible or impossible. It shows up subtly in attitudes from “I deserve something better” to “I don’t deserve what I’m getting.” It parades blatantly in arrogance and sucks gratitude out of our hearts without our realizing it.

If this pandemic has taught us anything, it has uncovered where we feel entitled. We thought some things were untouchable and when they went away, we experienced anything from frustration to anger. Somebody or some-thing messed with our rights! That’s a clue that we feel “entitled.”

Jesus showed us another way. He laid down every right he was entitled to as the Son of God to live limited in human flesh and demonstrate a level of gratitude we don’t understand and sometimes don’t want to.

For the past two years, I’ve kept a gratitude journal. I take time in the morning to write my thanks for at least 3 things from the day before. Most days it is easy. But there have been days when nothing went right inside or outside of me. I could have made a long list of complaints. It was like squeezing blood out of a collapsed vein to write down something to be thankful for. But I did it anyway.

I noticed something when I didn’t let difficulty steal my gratitude. As I wrote down one thing, no matter how simple, I could think of more. Miraculously, my inner spirit changed, relaxed, wasn’t grabby or crabby. I could put small grievances in their place; I could be grateful for what I had.

No matter what you’re going through, make a place for gratitude. Don’t thank God for bad things. Thank God for the signs that He’s with you in them. Thank God for the ability to take small steps. And if the day opens with promise and possibilities, just enjoy drowning yourself in gratitude.

Take a 30-day gratitude challenge with me. Download the journal pages you will find in "For the Journey.". Promise God that you will start each day with at least one statement of gratitude that you haven’t made recently. Write it down. I'll be sharing one or two of mine every week on Facebook and Instagram. Consider doing the same or add your comment to my post. Let’s flood our world with gratitude and see what happens to us and the people around us. Need some help with your gratitude attitude? Use the following list to get you started:.

  • What is a blessing you received but didn't ask for?

  • What is something that happens every day that you take for granted?

  • Name a relationship that strengthens your life. .

  • What lesson have you learned that makes you grateful?

  • Who are the teachers/mentors in your life that you are grateful for?

  • What friendships are you grateful for and why?

  • What are some simple things of life you are grateful for?

  • Why are you grateful for another day to live?

  • Who has spoken truth into your life recently?

  • What characteristics, traits and/or gifts do you need to say thank you to God for creating you with?

Let's live grateful every day and never stop thanking God for His life-enriching gifts!

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