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Now What?

Easter isn't over!

The power of our personal journey to the cross is just beginning, again.  The celebration of Easter with its music, somber review, and family celebration is just the beginning.  If we don’t live differently after Easter, we must ask why not?

If taking another look at the empty grave, the body-less tomb, the death-to-life miracle hasn’t changed us, then; the celebration is nothing more than a tradition. 

But, if something moved our heart, some truth exposed a hidden fault or motive, some awakening humbled us to the momentous sacrifice of Jesus for us; then, Easter isn’t over. 

How will we allow the power of the resurrection to be our power for this day and every day?  Resurrection power is more than a positive attitude, more than a determined spirit, more than a goal-accomplishing life. 

(Philippians 4:13) Resurrection power brings God’s will closer and helps us want His will more than anything else. Resurrection power works all things together in God’s wonderful will (Romans 8:28), not ours.  Love fueled by resurrection power never fails.  (I Corinthians 13:8)

Keep a symbol or two of Easter nearby.  Let the dead-to-life activity of spring blooms be reminders that Jesus wants to raise a few dead things in us, too.  Don’t fall for the empty belief that Easter happened a long time ago.  The real message of Easter is that the tomb is still empty.  Jesus is still alive and has returned to be one with His Father praying for us to know with new resolution, that His life can live in us through resurrection power. (Ephesians 1:19-20)

We must ask our own “now what?” questions of our resurrected Lord.  He always has an answer.  Most of the time it is a vision change or a clearing of the heart that allows our eyes to see what Jesus sees.  And when we do, we see all things new (Revelation 21:5) as the new creation we are and continue to be. (I Corinthians 5:17) 

Who needs you to be faithful to your now-what Easter question?  What priority needs your attention?  What attitude needs God’s new?

The power of the resurrection forced dead cells to live again.  What on earth do you think His power could do in us? 

Let’s find out!


Take it further . . .

  • Look up each of the verses referenced. 

  • ·Which one communicates an Easter-now-what message to you?

  • ·How will you live it?


From Ft. Lauderdale to Barcelona!

My husband and I just finished a 14-day Transatlantic cruise with two island stops and disembarking for 2 days in Barcelona, Spain. Here are some highlights. My important take-away? Everyone needs a complete disconnect with days that invite you to be more than do. For me, this was more than just a good vacation. It was a cleansing and a reordering. So here are the sights and scenes that helped me do that.

Picture captions:

1-Our Viking Ocean Ship, the Viking Mars holding around 900 guests.. 2-Our cabin. 3- Sunrises! 4-Sunsets! 5-Morning mile walk. 6-Norwegian waffle with brown cheese. 7-Exquisite desserts! 8-A rainbow promise. 9-St. Martin's Island and . . . 10-a roadside rooster. 11-Madeira's highest island cliff from glass viewing platform. 12-Beautiful Madeira! 13-Barcelona's iconic Gaudi Cathedral. 14-On the Rambla, a 5-block pedestrian walk with street mimer as Antoni Gaudi. 15-Rambla Cafe. 16. The massive castle/fort on Mt. Monjuic. 17-Fort interior. 18-View from the fort! 19-What a view! 20- Palatial Museum of National History . . . 21-with a Picasso painting. 22-The Arc of Triumph for the 1888 World's Fair. 23-Trying to get home after two days of canceled flights! 24-Yes!

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