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Peace Doesn't Knock!

Locked doors don’t keep Jesus out!

The disciples found that out. They had locked themselves in a room. They were trapped, but it wasn’t the locked door that trapped them. It was fear. Word was out that Jesus was alive, and the Jews needed to squelch the rumors. The disciples had a target on their backs. They had good reason to be afraid.

Then, Jesus showed up. Literally. He just appeared. He didn’t knock or ask permission. He was just there. And the first word from his mouth was “Peace.” His greeting took on a powerful meaning as they huddled in fear.

Peace be with you!

And Peace was there. The presence of Jesus could not be separated from peace. His presence was the peace they needed. He didn’t bring answers. He didn’t bring a new teaching. He simply and completely brought all the peace they needed. His presence defeated fear. Not with arguments or counseling. Not with explanations or predictions. His presence was the answer to their fear.

I was locked in my own room of fear the night before our daughter faced a life-threatening surgery. I wanted answers because I thought they would bring peace. Would she survive the difficult heart surgery? Would she come out of it better or worse? There were so many questions and not enough answers to help me find sleep that night. Then, Jesus came. I can’t explain it any other way. “I will be there.” He confirmed. It wasn’t the words that comforted me; it was his presence, a palpable presence, a fear-fighting presence. I knew it the moment it happened. That encounter didn’t change my questions, but it changed the way I carried them. Without fear. The Presence of the One who came through my locked doors would keep opening the right ones for me and for Lisa, whatever that meant. Peace held me through her surgery and a difficult recovery. No answer would have accomplished the same.

We can’t lock out fear. It comes through the cracks that fear itself creates. They are cracks that make us question God’s plan, His goodness, or His character. Questions often lead to blaming. Blaming gives us a reason to hold on to our misunderstandings and lies about God.

Too often we want answers to bring peace. Answers to what will happen or why something happened. Answers only lead to more questions. When we need peace, look for Jesus!

Peace is a Person. When we affirm that truth, we won’t look for a feeling or a changed circumstance. We look for a Person. We look for the One who knows all things and holds all things for our good. We take comfort in His Presence as the answer we need for now until it is time to know more. We surrender what we never had to begin with: control of anything.

Peace didn’t knock on that first day of week where the disciples huddled. Peace won’t knock on your door, either. Peace will walk right in. The question is not whether Peace has come, but whether you recognize His Presence as your peace.

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