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Praying Like Daniel

Daniel prayed fervently, openly, daily, and specifically. He didn’t pray in protest or for show. But when he prayed, the heavens opened and God came close. Daniel became a true intercessor for his wayward people and confessed their sin as his sin. This is intercessory prayer at its deepest level.


We need this model from Daniel. We do not live as private Christians. We live in community with others who do not follow God and do not understand His unfailing love. We live with people who consider God’s laws narrow minded and restrictive. They refuse anyone who tries to address morality issues for fear they will lose their autonomy.


Daniel lived with the same kind of people. He didn’t talk against them; he prayed for them and experienced their brokenness as his.


I’m not sure any revival has ever happened where the people of God were not called as a community to repent. We have sinned as a nation. We have sinned as a neighborhood. And dare I say that we have sinned as a church?. We have lived for ourselves. We have tried to fit into our culture. We have run after other gods. We have participated in actions that separate people from God and make it difficult for them to see the glory of God living in us and among us.

We must confess. Read Daniel’s prayer as your prayer if you dare. (Daniel 9:4-19)

Enter into the suffering that took Christ to the cross. Jesus poured out his love for people who did not love him or his Father. Make your prayer as personal and specific. We must pray until sin breaks our heart wherever we see it. Pray until we stop talking about them and start praying as us. God cannot use us to show a needy people what the heart of God looks like, lives like, and cries for unless we do.

This is a critical part of our journey to the cross. Don't skip it.

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