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The Gratitude Attitude

Thankfulness is an attitude, and a focus. It doesn't happen naturally, but it can be learned. The most important beginning point of gratitude is practicing thankfulness to God as the initiator of every good and perfect gift. The more we practice this gratitude, the easier it is to recognize what God brings in difficult times.

Here is how I explain the Gratitude Attitude. I share it with the prayer that your heart enlarges because of everything God has already given you and you commit yourself to living the Gratitude Attitude every day. (There's a place to download a personal copy at the end of the piece.

I hope you have a wonderful day of thanksgiving with family and friend gatherings. May it fill your heart with joy because of all the good gifts God has given. May you be present for every person who needs you and present for the God from Whom all blessings flow!

If you want a print copy of the The Gratitude Attitude, just click here or write me at and I'll send a copy. Blessings always! Debbie

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