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A Scandalous Love

What makes me think

That my love . . .

My try harder,

Up and down,

Sometimes on,

And sometimes not,

Love is enough to change the world?

On some days it doesn’t even change the vibe in my own home.

God tells me His love in me changes everything.

I remember the story of the sorcerer who followed Philip (Acts 8:9-24)

A trickster hungry for new miracles, he tried to buy them.

But God’s love can’t be bought

Not with money,

Mission work,

Or martyrdom.

God gives His love away

So outrageously generous,

So politically incorrect,

So recklessly selfless;

It seems a scandalous act

To give us more love

Than we could give back.

But no,

I am the one who loves with scandalous reserve.

I am the one who measures

And calculates

And hoards.

When I realize that nothing I keep for myself

Will ever compare to the





Love from the One Who always has more to give;

Then, I am ready to be emptied

To be filled.

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