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Do You Need A Quiet Circle for Christmas?

Receive a "Quiet Circle" Advent reading for each day of this week by signing up for this website using the "Connect" button.

Here is the first reading for this Sunday, November 27:

First Sunday of Advent:

Hoping for . . .

But if we hope for what we do not yet have, we wait for it patiently.

Romans 8:25, NIV

Hope is elusive when it depends on what you can provide as a reason for it. The push to give to yourself a reason to hope is broken, ineffective and sometimes dangerous. God sent hope to us as His Word made flesh. True hope grows from God's will and His help. Hope is not empty anticiaption becasue God will come. Hope springs from every kept promice of God and His unfailing love and integrity. Hoping for God to show up, to act, to bring His will, to guide your choices can be adventure or agony depending on Who and what becomes your link to hope.

In your Quiet Circle:

Clearly identify where you put your hope. Affirm why waiting for God’s best is worth it.

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